Pure Light Photography.

My name is Cathryn Lucy, meaning Pure Light. I'm seventeen years old and live in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Everything on this blog is and will be my own work, except your questions and submissions.

My city has recently been struck by the devastating earthquake of February 22. We have been become strangely accustomed to the ground we rely on so heavily being unstable since the 7.1 quake of September 4 last year, but this new significant quake, even at a lesser magnitude of 6.3, was far more destructive with an impact on Christchurch that will last for years, and on the people of Christchurch who have lost loved ones, forever.
When the areas of the city which are restricted decline, I intend to take photos of what has happened as a tribute to this day. Some of what I post soon will be of the Student Volunteer Army who pitched in and did an incredible clean up of the silt staining the street, gardens and homes in some suburbs. Even from working within the army, I gained an admiration for the people working alongside me, and the determination to help those in need. The photos of the SVA are a tribute to the community spirit offered to people in a testing time throughout Canterbury.

For me, the earthquakes and their aftermaths have created an appreciation of all the small things in life and the beauty they behold; the 'insignificant' things we often take for granted. This has already had an influence over my photography and I hope that continues.

I have grown up with the water as my playground. I sail as a sport, and have been extremely influenced by water my whole life - I'm drawn to it. Rivers, lakes, beaches, estuaries, bays, seas... I'm happiest around them. I also love music, and from my photos you'll understand what branches of the art I listen to. I love English, the power of words, spelling, writing and literature. I am fascinated with the past; with history, especially the history of England. I love travel, my friends, animals and art.

Feel free to reblog any of my photos and follow me - I have put a signature on each photo because, as I said, everything on this blog will be my own, personal work. I may start another blog with my art and quotes - I'll let you know.

Bye for now,
-Cathryn Lucy :)



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  1. Race to the ocean.

    Race to the ocean.

  3. Never dare forget.

    Never dare forget.

  10. Hope, within times of immediate hardship.
University of Canterbury Student Volunteer Army bus in Burwood, 24/2/2011.

    Hope, within times of immediate hardship.

    University of Canterbury Student Volunteer Army bus in Burwood, 24/2/2011.